Reclaimed Slate. Tiles & Bricks


At All Time Roofing, we can be working on a wide variety of buildings when it comes to old buildings, grade 2 listed buildings or styled buildings. Finding tiles which are an exact match to the existing tiles is a hard job. Our team have made contacts over the year and can work to get you matching tiles to fit in with those you already have on you roof. We have many source of slates, tiles and bricks so we can usually find the right ones for you.


We work closely with several reclaimed roof tiles merchants, building demolition experts and de-construction companies and second-hand roof tile stockists to find those matching tiles for you.


All Time Roofing have access to a number of reclaimed roof tiles and slates that will be suitable for a wide variety of different projects.


The All Time Roofing team have been replacing broken tiles and missing tiles on roofs across Berkshire since day one with hundreds of satisfied customers who were not able to find the right tiles that match their existing tiles. It is often necessary to use reclaimed or second hand tiles when working on older buildings and building with preservation orders on them. This is not a problem for our teams. Contact us today if you need assistance with reclaimed roof tiles, second-hand slates or those hard to find matching bricks.