Fix-r Torch on Felts & Water Proofing System


The All Time Roofing team have been using this torch-applied built up roofing system of reinforced bitumen waterproofing membranes specifically manufactured for flat roofs both residential and commercial.

The FIX-R Torch on Roofing System is a torch-applied built up roofing system for flat and pitched roofs, which consists of reinforced bitumen membranes using polyester reinforcements with exceptional mechanical strength and dimensional stability. The reinforcements are impregnated and then coated with specially formulated SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) modified bitumen or APP modified bitumen.


See our flat roof projects page for a start to finish project.


Where can FIX-R Torch On Felt be used?


This system is usually associated with flat roofs but can also be used on pitched roofs.


What is the FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing System?


The FIX-R Torch on Roofing System also has a liquid Waterproofing system


FIX-R Liquid Waterproofing System is a new hybrid polymer liquid waterproofing system based on alpha–hybrid silane terminated polyether technology. While it exceeds most performance criteria for polyurethane, PMMA and other solvent based systems, it also eliminates many of the disadvantages associated with these products.


It is fully reinforced with a polyester membrane and cures through contact with the moisture in the atmosphere. Being largely independent of the weather, it can be applied under practically any conditions, even on cold, wet days and on damp surfaces.


Please contact us for a catalogue of the FIX-R Products. We can visit you and show you how you could benefit from FIX-R branded products for your home.